At The Herb Shop HWY 85, we specialize in all areas of health management herbal supplements for men and women. We have bulk herbs, pill or liquid form and teas. We not only offer weight management supplements but we also teach how to correctly combine herbs to maximize healing, herbs specifically formulated for children and babies and man’s best friend, the family pet! We have herbal combinations for women suffering from stress, inability to sleep and other menopausal symptoms to maintaining a man’s healthy sex drive.

We hold monthly on-site classes by Certified Herbalists and Physicians on how to control your blood pressure, on how to make herbal teas that will boost your immune system, on the proper way to cleanse and detoxify to effect the intended result, to introducing the healing properties of the “Raw Food Diet.” We also offer classes teaching Iriodology, which is the study of the eye to diagnose health, as well as Kinesiolgy, which is the study of the effect of food sensitivities on the musculoskeletal system.   

On the knowledge of our ancestors and extensive research, at our direction our Master Herbalists uses 100% of the finest herbs and natural minerals to create a quality product representative of who we are – TRUTH!  Nature’s Sunshine is our Independent Distributor and we guarantee that if we say it’s 1000 mcg (microgram) of Vitamin B-12, then your supplement will be 1000 mcg of Vitamin B-12 and not added fillers.

At The Herb Shop HWY 85, we stand behind our moderately priced and scientifically formulated product. The validity of each supplemental program


Weight Management Program
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Our Weight Management Program:

If you have virtually exhausted all avenues relative to weight management and continue to fail, welcome to The Herb Shop HWY 85 where we avidly promote LIVING HOT! On the Live Hot! System, you can eat whatever you’d like, just in smaller portions, however to jumpstart your body, we’ve listed some suggestions for the first 7 days Click Here

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