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The Herb Shop HWY 85 was not my first love, it was food – I loved to eat! And eat,     I did. It didn’t matter what kind of food it was – if it was in my sight, I ate it.     There was no consideration for the damage I was causing to my body and as many excuses     that I could make such as, “Geez, I’m too busy to run and get something,” which in     reality would have probably been fast food; or, “Man, I wish there was more time     in the day for me to do some kind of exercise,” which I never did, fell off my lips     as natural as water off of a duck’s back.   I didn’t have any personal exercise goals other than walking from one part of my office to the other and my sedentary way of life slowly but finally caught up with me. I gained over 100 pounds but because I was adding the weight gradually, I couldn’t see the phenomenal change in my physical appearance. I did notice that I felt differently, sluggish all the time and my joints hurt due to inflammation but I chucked it up to being a sign of getting older.  After about a year of living this way, one day…I can’t even remember which season it was because what I’m about to say wiped all of that inconsequential ancillary stuff out of my memory…I took my son to the airport.  Just before he left to enter the terminal, I leaned over to give him a hug and he says jokingly, “Who is this woman hugging me?” Everything came to a screeching halt!  No more trunks slamming shut, taxi horns blaring, people laughing or crying or cops whistles blowing… all I was aware of, for the first time in a long time was me!

I was so taken aback by this seemingly innocent statement that I found myself reeling on my feet as if I’d been slapped by my beloved son. Even though it was said in jest, I was instantly self-conscious of my appearance and started looking around, wondering if people were whispering about me. Until what I refer to now as, “that life-altering, not so honorable comment,” I don’t think I really cared about what I looked like or even for that matter, what I was doing to myself that would affect me in the years to come. I know deep down inside that it is never my offspring’s intent to harm me, even though my feelings did feel trampled on but his words rang true in my ear the entire time he was gone and not too long after that, I decided that I must try to correct what I’d ignorantly done by my lackadaisical attitude concerning physical health and mental wellbeing.

So, on my quest to fix what I’d selfishly and disrespectfully broken, I remembered that my ancestors used what the Creator gave and that it all came from the earth. With this knowledge as the foundation of my understanding, I began comprehensive and extensive research into how individual herbs or herbs grouped together could be used to promote healing for my wounded body. I took what I’d learned in my 9th grade anatomy class a step further by going much deeper into the workings of the nine internal systems of the human body. Interestingly enough, I found out that they work in conjunction or in tandem to the other(s) and that when one system is out of whack, the entire ‘body of systems’ alerts the brain by either trying to correct it or shutting down so that you will be compelled to get treatment. This is why it seems like you can’t walk when you have a toothache! (chuckling).

One of the most shocking discoveries I made is that the more damage I do internally, the harder my heart works to correct it causing injury to that organ in its effort to save me.  But I think we all know that our body’s natural frame called the skeletal system is designed to hold a certain amount of weight to ensure optimum performance and when overburdened, it’s often manifested as hip and knee replacements.

After having become well-educated on the subject of the effectiveness of natural herbs, I have become a Certified Herbalist and am now passionate about teaching others how to manage their weight while not starving and with minimal exercise.

~~~ Walking is the best

This is a TRUE story! No names have been changed to protect the innocent. Some material contained in this monologue may be realistically relevant to “your” life so reader’s attention is advised.” Home My name is Angela Burke, Managing Partner of The Herb Shop HWY 85 and creator of the “Live HOT!” system, and this is my story…

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