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“When I was contracted to write copy for the site, I was totally unconvinced that the Live Hot! System would work – after all, I’d been trying to drop what I affectionately call my “second stomach” for what seems like forever and was never successful. Well, I can truly attest that the Live Hot! System really works – 4 weeks in and I can wear my size 8 pants (started the program wearing a size 12) and I didn’t do a lick of exercise and barely followed the recommended eliminated food items.  For those of us without a gall bladder, it’s safe to use with no “terrible” side effects!  If you REALLY want to lose weight, you should try the Live Hot! System. You will be pleasantly surprised at the results.”


- Alesia, Decatur GA

“When I met the owners of the Herb Shop HWY 85, I was 310 pounds! By following their simple guidelines, 6 months later I’m down to 275. Because this isn’t a diet, if I mess up, it’s ok – and the best part is I have tons of energy and my skin looks and feel much better. I’m getting back to “Superman” form! Thanks Angela and Denver!!!”

- Sinclair, Conyers GA

“After trying to lose stubborn belly fat for years, I was introduced to the Live Hot! Program. With little or no exercise, I’ve been able to drop the weight in my midsection, arms and inner thighs. This product effectively targets fat all over the body with no harmful side effects. When I started the program, I was a size 10 and have dropped to a comfortable 8, in just a little over 4 weeks! Everyone I’ve talked to about the Live Hot! System has tried it and has similar testimonies.  This is TRUTH!”

- Robin, Atlanta GA

My Name is Clarise Arnold I was 120 pounds over weight just a year ago until I started Native Answer I was under a lot of stress an was not eating well at all I started February 13 2013 I will never forget it was my Daughter 17th Birthday when I saw the pictures we took on my phone I knew I had to do something fast that’s when I started The Native Answer Program an with in the first 7 Days I started seeing a different in my clothes an how they fit an from that day on I was hooked it now  been a year an 5 months later I’m down to a size 14/16 I was an 18/20 an I haven’t been using my Native Answer in the last four Months I’m telling you this is the best thing that have happened to me in years


”  Since I have started using Native Answer Raspberry Ketone and 15 Day Cleanse .  I have gone from the largest I have ever been, to being back to my my weight that I was in in High  School.  it took  5 months to lose 50 lbs. I feel and see the difference in my body. ”

Donna Clarkson Austin TX

” it been 27 days since I started using the Native Answer, Live Hot system at  The Herb Shop on HWY 85 Riverdale GA. They gave me a food chart and and a cleanse with my protein powder and vitamin D3.  I also received my work out guide which is walking 1000 steps per day and increase daily.  I regain my youthful body. The best part is, my clothes don’t feel so tight anymore.

Teneshia Smith Marrow GA

”My wife and I have been using your product for 6wks. She lost 18lbs and I lost 21lbs and almost 3in of my waist.  We follow the eating plan and do the 15 day cleanse I am now regular for the first time in my life. I eat sensible meals most of the time and I cut out most snacks and junk(chips,cake,candy,pretzels)  we have cut out late-night eating Pastor and first lady Johnson.” Atlanta Georgia

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